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Monte Crisol SHB, Costa Rica


Monte Crisol SHB, Costa Rica

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About Costa Rica Coffee

So here's the thing about Costa Rica coffees. They're mostly boring. Not boring like that awful Andy Warhol movie, Empire, which just made one wonder how one got stuck watching that abomination instead of, say, watching paint dry for 8 hours. No. It's more boring in a Honda Accord kind of way. Not the peppiest thing around, but a lot more reliable than that Triumph Stag you just passed on the side of the road, the one with the owner's head stuck in the engine bay, peering at the coolant-soaked distributor cap, wondering how to get the thing to fire again. They're reliable, in a nutshell. The thing that makes Costa Rica coffee so is the advanced state of the local coffee industry. From the cultivars (relatively new growth varietals like Catuai and Catarra), to well-executed and technologically contemporary wet processing techniques, employed mostly at large beneficios, the production processes are almost clinically professional. So boring, yes, but good boring. They're sweet, well balanced, and with a little luck, they can be deep and profound, although not particularly complex. There has been a movement in the last ten years towards micro-milling, and specifically the introduction of milling techniques unconventional to the region, but in our experience, the results have been somewhat mixed. So we approach those coffees with a healthy dose of caution.

About this Monte Crisol Coffee

This coffee comes to us from our primary broker in Oakland, and is the fruit of a long relationship they have had with this fairly large cooperative.

The cup starts and finishes with a muted sweetness, The mouthfeel is smooth and full. Notes of bakers chocolate and brown sugar dominate in the middle, and the finish is mildly citrusy, with perhaps a hint of mulling spice. Nice, clean coffee. Good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a midnight snack.


Producer: CoopePalmares, R.L.

Region: Palmares, Alajuela, West Valley

Country: Costa Rica

Elevation: 4000 feet

Varietal: Eco-Pulped Caturra, Catuai, Typica

Attributes: Orange Peel, Bakers Chocolate

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