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Kochere Konga, Natural FTO, Yirgacheffe


Kochere Konga, Natural FTO, Yirgacheffe

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Genetic biodiversity in coffee...It is widely accepted that Ethiopia is the origin place of coffee (unless you ask someone from Yemen). We believe this because of the incredible amount of genetic biodiversity in the coffee plants which grow in Ethiopia. This stands in stark contrast to the coffee grown in other countries, for almost all coffee from South and Central America, Indonesia, and other parts of Africa has been bred from just a handful of coffee plants. Missionaries and colonists brought these coffees over in the 17th and 18th centuries to grow as a cash crop. It worked. Now we are left with an extraordinary amount of homogeneity when it comes to coffee plant subspecies around the world.

Why does it matter?...This lack of genetic biodiversity leaves the majority of our precious arabica coffee population vulnerable to things like disease and climate change. Fortunately enough for us, there are botanists and coffee specialists who have dedicated their careers (not to mention large amounts of money) to solving this problem. Things are happening, and we're excited. Meanwhile, we shall sip this fabulous Kochere Konga Natural with smug smiles on our faces. Yum. Genetic biodiversity tastes great.



Producer: Konga Mill

Region: Gedeo Zone, Kochere, Yirgacheffe

Country: Ethiopia

Elevation: 6500-7500 Ft

Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom, Natural Process

Attributes: Pear, Almond, Melon

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