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Jamaica Blue Mountain, Clydesdale Estate, Clifton Wetmill


Jamaica Blue Mountain, Clydesdale Estate, Clifton Wetmill

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About our Blue Label Roasting Project

We do a fair amount of production roasting, of course - to the tune of 3000 pounds or so a week - to service our stores, Farmers' Markets and our dedicated wholesale and delivery clients. We roast every day of the week, every week of the year, with very few exceptions. One of the things about production roasting is that, what with having to purchase larger contracts on green bean and meet production deadlines and all, it doesn't allow much time to stop and smell the roses, and we were missing that. So we went out and bought a couple of very cool semi-commercial trial roasters that roast down to 100 grams of coffee at a time, and peak out at a mere 500 grams or so, and roast some more or less off-the-beaten-path coffees that we buy at consumer level places like Sweet Marias and Coffee Shrub, as well as our more traditional brokers. We get to bring in coffees that we wouldn't really buy in larger quantities, and we get to relax a bit, roasting like we don't care about anything else. The results are delicious too. Roasting at this level results in some pretty spectacular coffees that simply don't come out of larger operations. So yeah. It all works out.

Please allow 5 business days for shipment on Blue Label coffees, as we roast them less frequently, in micro batches, and they take considerably more time and effort to do as a consequence.

About this Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain falls squarely in the category of super-retro coffee. This was single-origin coffee before single-origin coffee was a thing. The concept of single-origin coffee has gained traction over the past ten years, so much so that we've come to expect it among the offerings in any respectable coffee operation. But there was a time when it was almost unheard of, most coffee producing countries opting to blend disparate coffee lots to optimize uniformity in cup character, which is why, in the days of yore, consumers came to ascribe general attributes to say, Guatemalan coffees, rather than contemplating the significant differences between coffees, for example, from Huehuetenanago and Antigua.

Jamaica Blue Mountain is noted for its excellent cup character, an academic study in near-perfect balance between body and sweetness, acidity and flavor. These days, there are many appellations in places like Ethiopia and various Central American countries that produce coffees with more interesting individual characteristics, but for reliable overall cup quality, day in and day out, Jamaica Blue Mountain is hard to beat. It's like the Ringo Starr of coffees. In other words, not the flashiest bit of bling around, but reliable like a metronome.

Classification of Jamaica coffee is three tiered, based on elevation. Lower grown coffees are classified as Jamaica Supreme, coffees grown at mid-elevation - 1500-3000 feet - are sold as Jamaica High Mountain, and coffees grown at elevations between 3000 and 5500 feet qualify for Blue Mountain designation, after further quality certification by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.

There are two issues with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee that one should contemplate before purchasing. One is that roasters often sell blends (things like Jamaica Blue Blend and Blue Mountain Blend) that allow them to capture the brand name without the cost. Don't waste your money on these. They have zero redemptive qualities. There are other excellent coffees available at the price you'll pay for these knockoffs.

The other is that it's rarely fresh, as sold in your local store. Owing to its price, it tends to sit on retail shelves for a while, which significantly compromises its value. To address this, we roast this coffee to order. Consequently, and as with all of our Blue Label coffees, please allow for a 5 business day ship time from the date of your order.

So, without further ado, we give you this 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from Clydesdale Estate. Enjoy.


Producer: Clydesdale Estate

Region: Parish of Saint Andrew, Blue Mountain

Country: Jamaica, West Indies

Elevation: 3000-5500 feet

Varietal: Jamaica Blue Mountain Varietal

Attributes: Chocolate, Vanilla, Sugarcane

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