Roasters of Fine Coffees in beautiful Santa Cruz, California

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Zach Mabert at Lulu Carpenter's at the Octagon

Zach Mabert (b. 1987 in Santa Cruz, CA) is a member of the Claraty Arts Project, a collective of 17 local artists sharing a studio space on Seabright Ave. Zach is a meticulous artist who works without sketches, preferring to create his finished pen drawings in one take. Simple but precise lines along with carefully chosen details lend a clean but whimsical quality to his pieces.

Zach's work features a prominent theme of snapshots chronicling bygone eras in music. Zach says, "When I draw, it's like making a copy from history". Zach captures famous moments from the past in exacting detail with his precise line work. "I want people to see my art, to show people what I like - show them how I am. I like old time music because I like the stories they tell. Everything tells a story." Zach started drawing before he was 4, and still creates art as a way to share his own story and history with those who view his work. 

For more information about Zach or the Claraty Arts Project, or to purchase a t-shirt featuring Zach's work, visit us online at