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Maddie Lewis at Coffee Cat

Airships at Breaking Dawn (Diptych). 2016. acrylic on canvas. 24 x 36 in.

Maddie Amelia Lewis is a female, queer artist driven by passion and her empathetic nature. She is a surrealist and abstract acrylic painter, but also dabbles in other forms of art. Her surrealist landscape paintings are influenced by wanderlust, internal dreamscapes, and a lifelong obsession with fantasy worlds.

The "Traversing" cosmos entertains the fantastic, and aspires to satisfy the curiosity of “what could be”. Several of the geographical elements in this series are floating, or in a space where gravity is ambiguous, sparking an aura of whimsy. The landscapes themselves are reminiscent of the Romanticism Era, but color vibrancy and texture pushes these paintings into the surrealist genre. The steam-powered airships and vehicles in my paintings draw from the “steampunk” aesthetic—the fictitious alternative history of 19th century Victorian England or the American “Wild West” Era in which steam-powered technology maintains mainstream usage, and the speculative inventions in that fantasy world.

Contact the artist at: or text (209) 681-5574.