Roasters of Fine Coffees in beautiful Santa Cruz, California

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Tom Jacobs at the Coffee Cat

The Photographer

Through my art, I seek to tell a story about a moment and place in time. Sometimes the story centers on a lone character - a derelict gatehouse, a cobblestone path, an abandoned tricycle in the snow. Other stories express the poetry in nature such as the sea, birds in flight, sun rays in the forest. The photographs I make are ones that are meaningful to me, and ones I hope will speak to others. Much like original paintings, my art provides a unique window to the world rather than simply an often-photographed pretty scene. The natural colors and textures in my images actually often lead the viewer to think they are paintings rather than photographs. I seek to create art with a timeless quality, so that it can be appreciated long into the future.

Applying my expertise in lighting, composition and photographic technology complements the stories I tell with my camera. I have been a self-taught and passionate photographer for over 20 years, and became a full-time professional in 2002. My background in computer software provided me the expertise to fully embrace the transition from traditional film to digital photography long before it became popular among most photographers.

The formats I currently present include custom-framed prints, canvas giclees, and matted prints.  In all cases, the materials used are archival with a long life expectancy. The custom-framed prints, which I call “Gallery Design,” and the canvas giclees both allow the viewer to step into the image without the glare of glass. I perform all the processes in creating my art, with one exception for mounting the print for the Gallery Design.

My art work is available at fine art fairs, several retail stores, open studios, and on the web. I am a member of the Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz Community of Digital Artists, Aptos Chamber of Commerce, and the Carmel Center for Photographic Art. In addition to photography, my other loves are my wife, Pamela, traveling, and playing finger style guitar. We live on the Santa Cruz coast with our dog, Weston, and our two cats, Ansel and Sierra. And please don’t ask Pamela about her horse - she’ll never stop talking!