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Human Spaceship: Paintings by Sarah Bianco at Lulu's on Pacific

My paintings, although the style and format have changed over time, always have been exploring the relationships between the internal & external worlds.  The spiritual versus material elements of human being have been attempted to be deciphered through pure abstract oil paintings.  The figure then, in a more identifiable form, started showing up and having a direct relationship with those abstract landscapes and how it moves through them.  Recently the work has been more of a direct inquiry, depicting the body as a container in which we are traveling though space.  Figures became more realistic as the space expanded and abstracted.  Questions arise such as... how do we, as these fragile bodies, contain the vastness and enormity of the whole?  What have we signed up for and what is our responsibility on this particular journey, in this particular body, during this time? What is especially interesting is the unseen, the element of mystery, wonder and magic of it all, that which is present naturally as children and then available to return to as we are invited to grow and evolve.   This work tries to capture the beauty of the search without a map of the universe, the innocence and determination of being directionless, yet on a specific path and the courage it takes to all travel in these spaceships, to play this game and connect the dots.  

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