Roasters of Fine Coffees in beautiful Santa Cruz, California

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Bredette Dyer at Coffee Cat

“We all have a lot of brokenness inside us; cracks and splinters where the light shines through to infect the darkness.” Alex Myles

Having lived through homelessness, addiction, and abandonment, I know what it is to feel broken. I have been to the dark depths of my being. This darkness has been a gift. Hoping to find a glimpse of another’s soul through their windows is the basis of human connection. See beauty through the darkness; the broken. Know the wreckage of one’s past and heal that with your presence. This is unconditional love.

Exploring this abandoned house, I found the rooms to hold so much life. It moved me in ways I didn’t think possible. There is a mix of yearning and complete understanding as if to say, “I know you. I see your darkness and I think it’s beautiful.”

Photographed with a Hasselblad Medium Format Camera.

Fiber Based Silver Gelatin Print

Bredette Dyer has been studying photography for over 20 years. When she is not knee-deep in academics, meditating the insanity away, or riding roller coasters with her son, she can be found lost in the darkroom.



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