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Dulce Meloso, Catracha Coffee Project, Santa Elena, Honduras


Dulce Meloso, Catracha Coffee Project, Santa Elena, Honduras

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About our Blue Label Roasting Project

We do a fair amount of production roasting, of course - to the tune of 3000 pounds or so a week - to service our stores, Farmers' Markets and our dedicated wholesale and delivery clients. We roast every day of the week, every week of the year, with very few exceptions. One of the things about production roasting is that, what with having to purchase larger contracts on green bean and meet production deadlines and all, it doesn't allow much time to stop and smell the roses, and we were missing that. So we went out and bought a couple of very cool semi-commercial trial roasters that roast down to 100 grams of coffee at a time, and peak out at a mere 500 grams or so, and roast some more or less off-the-beaten-path coffees that we buy at consumer level places like Sweet Marias and Coffee Shrub, as well as our more traditional brokers. We get to bring in coffees that we wouldn't really buy in larger quantities, and we get to relax a bit, roasting like we don't care about anything else. The results are delicious too. Roasting at this level results in some pretty spectacular coffees that simply don't come out of larger operations. So yeah. It all works out.

Please allow 5 business days for shipment on Blue Label coffees, as we roast them less frequently, in micro batches, and they take considerably more time and effort to do as a consequence.

About this Honduras Catracha Coffee

The Catracha Coffee Company was founded in 2010 by Mayra Orellana-Powell of Royal Coffee in Emeryville, with a view to positively impacting the community where she was born and raised, in the municipality of Santa Elena, department of La Paz, Honduras.

"Catracha" derives from the nickname for a Honduran woman. So Mayra's got her priorities straight.

We've long held that most socially conscious endeavors in the agricultural sector are hopelessly hobbled by a lack of transparency - and by infernal bureaucracies that confound their noble objectives - and that they consequently often fail to deliver on their core promises to farmers and consumers. A lot of the certifications you hear about now are marketing gobbledy gook, not much more than buzzwords appended to whatever you're being sold, to coax an extra dollar or two out of you.

At $2.50 a pound, the farm gate price ("farm gate" refers to the price, net of expenses) paid to the sixty or so producers in the Catracha project is considerably more transparent than that paid say, most Fairtrade farmers (who receive a guaranteed FOB price of $1.40 a pound, the same amount in nominal dollars that they received in 1992), and is considerably higher. This is conscious enterprise done right, and it makes us very happy indeed to participate in it.

Of course, we wouldn't bring a coffee in if we didn't like it in the first place, and this is a delicious coffee indeed. Sweet orange, bordering on tangerine, dominates through the cup, which also evinces notes of almond paste and caramel. Very sweet coffee. We like it in our Clover, or brewed in a pour over such as a Chemex.


Producer: Various Smallholders, Catracha Coffee Project

Country: Honduras

Region: Santa Elena, La Paz

Cultivar: Bourbon, Catuai

Process: Wet Process

Elevation: 5500 feet 

Tasting Notes: Orange, Marzipan, Honey

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