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El Jaguar RFA, Siguatepeque, Honduras


El Jaguar RFA, Siguatepeque, Honduras

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When I think of Honduras, what first comes to mind is YouTube videos of terrifying crosswind approaches into Toncontin Airport at Tegucigalpa, by pilots considerably more intrepid than myself. If you haven't seen one, check it out. I landed at the old Kai Tak airport in HK many times in my younger years, and this crazy approach makes Kai Tak look like landing at Edwards Air Force Base. 

Coffee is Honduras' second largest foreign currency earner. The largest is sweaters and pullovers, and the the third largest is tee shirts, these exports presumably going to countries where the citizenry has a hard time telling what the weather is going to be like today. Even more interesting is the fact that "unused postage, revenue or similar stamps" come in fourth. Seems like the Post Office clerks would cancel the stamps on outgoing mail before it leaves the country, but what do I know of such things?

Anyways. Coffee has a long history in Honduras, and it has steadily grown in economic significance over the past hundred plus years,  so much so that today, Honduras is the largest exporter of coffee in Central America. That's right. Larger than its neighbor, Guatemala. One of the really great things about Honduran coffee also is that most of it is farmed by small family producers, a vast improvement over that other large Honduran cash crop, bananas, the production of which became synonymous in the lower Americas with 20th century imperialist thuggery. We've brought many Honduran coffees in over the years, mostly from La Paz, Copan and Ocotopeque. They are generally sweet, mild and medium bodied. This means they are inoffensive at worst, and can occasionally be spectacular.

This is very nice breakfast coffee. Chocolaty, with a top flavor reminiscent of something Indians call jaggery, a molassesey (say that three times quickly) kinda sugar. Its got a juicy characteristic too, that brings to mind plums or pluots, in the mid level roast that we bring it to. All in all, a really nice feel-good cup.




Producer: La Cooperativa Cafetalera Siguatepeque Limitada

Region: Siguatepeque, Comayagua

Country: Honduras

Elevation: 4500-5500 feet

Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Pacas

Process: Washed

Attributes: Chocolate, Plum, Sugarcane

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