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Sidama ECX, Grade 4, Ethiopia


Sidama ECX, Grade 4, Ethiopia

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There aren't enough superlatives in the language to adequately express our love of Ethiopia coffees. Ethiopia coffees are our BFF's, and have been for many years. They're effervescent and ebullient, bright and charming, and just plain old delightful in every way. It's always a pleasure to see them on the table. We've been exceedingly fortunate this year in that the last seasons have literally lasted the entire past two years. We cannot recall this ever happening. This humble Grade 4 ECX coffee arrived to us in GrainPro bags, and while it doesn't possess the bombastic berry fruit of some Ethiopia naturals, it is very well rounded, and shows classic Ethiopia varietal character very nicely.  The final roast profile we settled on exhibits a somewhat extended mid-range, but is otherwise unremarkable. The coffee develops nicely on its own, without requiring the somewhat convoluted coaxing that natural and wet-hulled coffees sometimes do. This perhaps can be attributed to how remarkably clean even dry process coffees have become these days. More on that subject in a future blog post, perhaps.

The cup has an underlying chocolate and caramel smoothness, reminiscent of a washed Ethiopia, and exhibits plenty of blueberry notes in the back. We recommend this for pourover style extraction, so break out your V60 or Chemex, your favorite kettle, and have a go.

Producer: Various Smallholder Farms

Country: Ethiopia

Region: Sidama, Oromia

Cultivar: Ethiopia Heirloom, Natural Process

Process: Natural

Elevation: 6000-7000 feet

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Cocoa, Blueberry

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