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Cooper Street, Winter/Spring 2019


Cooper Street, Winter/Spring 2019

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A Word About our Blends:

Blending coffee to make a great espresso or great drip, year in and year out, is one of the great challenges facing professional coffee roasters. There are two primary reasons to blend coffee. One is to harmonize coffees from various origins to perpetuate a desirable taste profile. The other is to save money by blending high grade beans with less expensive "filler" coffees. We don't engage in the sort of tomfoolery that the latter represents. It's profitable to do so, but we like to make good coffee first and foremost, and that's pretty much not going to happen with that approach. In contrast to the vast majority of specialty roasters, we don't purchase filler coffees to make blends. If a coffee is going to go in one of our blends, it's going to be good enough for us to offer as a stand alone single-origin. So, you'll see every component of our blends on our single-origin offer sheet as well.

About Cooper Street:

As to this Cooper Street blend, it's what is referred to as a single-coffee split blend, in this case a single origin coffee, roasted to two different finish levels. We use a natural process Sidama or Harrar coffee from the Oromia appellation of Ethiopia, home to some of the world's most spectacular coffees. The underlayment - read, majority by weight - of this blend is a lighter, faster roasted batch, with a steeper temperature ramp, and lower drum airflow in the mid-cycle, where the development of chloragenic acids (good stuff) occurs. The resulting coffee has a bright sweetness, with a fruitiness characteristic of Ethiopia Naturals. The accent component is the same natural process coffee, roasted longer, on a shallower ramp, with a increased drum airflow. The resultant caramelization adds a mellow character to the blend, and is what makes this a supremely quaffable coffee, whether in espresso or in drip.

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