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Bonny Doon Old Schoolhouse - Doorstep Delivery


Bonny Doon Old Schoolhouse - Doorstep Delivery

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Same-Day Doorstep Delivery

Available in Santa Cruz County only. Place your order by noon and we will deliver your coffee to your doorstep by 6 pm the same day, 7 days a week. This is the freshest, most uber-delicious coffee you'll ever find, and the price will surprise you. You'll never go back to grocery store coffee again. 

Disclaimers: We need to deliver to a physical address (not a P.O. Box) and your address must be searchable in a maps application. We will leave your coffee on your doorstep, and if your neighbor takes it before you get home, you must fight him to the death yourself. Our off-road vehicle is broken, and our dog ate the repair manual, so we can only deliver on paved roads. By placing an order with us, you agree to these terms.

A Word About our Blends:

Blending coffee to make a great drip or a great espresso, year in and year out, is one of the great challenges facing professional coffee roasters. There are two primary reasons to blend coffee. One is to harmonize coffees from various origins to perpetuate a desirable taste profile. The other is to save money by blending high grade beans with less expensive "filler" coffees. We don't engage in the sort of tomfoolery that the latter represents. It's profitable to do so, but we like to make good coffee first and foremost, and that's pretty much not going to happen with that approach. In contrast to the vast majority of specialty roasters, we don't purchase filler coffees to make blends. If a coffee is going to go in one of our blends, it's going to be good enough for us to offer as a stand alone single-origin. So, you'll see every component of our blends on our single-origin offer sheet as well.

About Bonny Doon Old Schoolhouse:

Roast Profile: Medium

Named for a beautiful old schoolhouse on Pine Flat Road, once occupied by Roy Rydell, and more recently by our good customers Hans and Michelle, this blend consists of various Far East coffees - although if we see a bag of natural Ethiopia lying around, we may add some in, just because it's there. It's syrupy and dense, with a nice red crema, and will stand up to a fair amount of milk in the cup. It's a bit darker than our Central American and transcontinental blends, and consequently is somewhat more heavy on the palette than those coffees. An excellent coffee for cold weather, and the brisk summer mornings in these parts.

This Winter Edition is a post-roast blend of variously, a Uganda Bugisu and an unusual Indian Kerala biodynamic coffee. As mentioned earlier though, no blend stays pure at our roaster if we chance upon a natural Ethiopia coffee, so that may be in there too. It's got a good body, nice mouthfeel, and a dense brown sugar sweetness. Good as espresso, as well as poured through a Chemex.

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