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Bella Carmona, Luis Zelaya, Antigua, Guatemala


Bella Carmona, Luis Zelaya, Antigua, Guatemala

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Guatemala is a favorite origin for most coffee roasters. No roastery's portfolio is complete without several Guatemalas in the annual rotation. In what has become a benchmark for branding in the green coffee industry, Guatemala, since the early 90's, has undertaken an extensive effort to catalog and certify its growing appellations, and now lists eight such. Our perennial favorites are Antigua, Huehuetenango, Fraijanes and Atitlan. Broadly speaking, Guatemala coffees are noted for their bright acidity and floral aromatics, middling to big body and good balance. Regional variations are not to be underestimated, however. Quality Huehue and Fraijanes coffees are pretty distinct at the cupping table, with the former displaying deep chocolate and red wine juiciness, and the latter considerably more floral and stone fruit notes. Not at all the same thing.

A perennial favorite of ours, this Bella Carmona coffee is grown by Luis Pedro Zelaya at Hacienda Carmona, just west of Guatemala City. The cup is sweet, with notes of raisins, and walnuts. Dark chocolate is present throughout the cup, in the best Antigua tradition. As the cup cools, the chocolate fades somewhat into the background, giving way to a sweet butter toffee finish. A pleasant cup, overall. Good body, excellent acidity and great balance. Excellent for espresso, pourover or any press brewing method, such as a French Press or Aeropress.

Producer: Luis Zamora Zelaya, Bella Carmona

Country: Guatemala

Region: Sacatepequez, Antigua

Cultivar: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Elevation: 5500 feet

Tasting Notes: Currant, Butter Toffee, Cacao

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